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8 Most Common Ferrari Issues

As anyone who has ever owned a Ferrari knows, these luxurious cars are not without their problems. Though they are built for speed and style, Ferraris are often plagued by common issues that can be costly to repair. We’ve compiled a list of the most common Ferrari issues, though we hope you never have to deal with them.

Faulty Engine Mounts

Some Ferrari models are known for faulty engine mounts, especially the Ferrari F430. The motor mounts are created with rubber to provide additional cushioning. Over  time, engine vibrations and high temperatures cause the rubber to deteriorate. If you notice engine vibrations when you drive, you should consider getting your engine mounts checked. It’s best to visit a repair facility that has experience dealing with Ferraris.

Cracked Fuel Line

Reinforced rubber compounds are used to create the fuel lines to prevent kinking or splitting. The material, however, usually dries out and cracks. When these cracks form, they spray fuel  onto the engine and the exhaust. This is dangerous as fuel spray onto hot engine parts can ignite a fire. Hence, you should conduct regular inspections on your fuel lines.

Worn Gaskets

Over time, the gaskets of your Ferrari will experience wear and tear. This usually results in oil leaks which could hinder your vehicle’s performance and damage the engine. Regular maintenance plays a role in detecting these problems, ensuring that your Ferrari remains in good condition.

Cracked Exhaust Mounting Brackets

The continuous heating and cooling cycle causes the exhaust mounting brakes to crack, resulting in rattling noises. Pre-catalytic metals are found in some of these manifolds and they are dangerous to the engine. That’s why you should always get the manifolds inspected regularly.

Build-Up of Carbon Deposits

Carbon deposits can accumulate in the engine over time so you should schedule cleaning and maintenance and let a Ferrari repair expert clean your engines.

Battery Issues

Like many other cars, Ferrari models are not spared from battery issues. Maybe you have your Ferrari in the garage for too long, which means the batteries are not recharged regularly. When you want to go for a spin, you realize the vehicle doesn’t start. There’s a possibility  there are no issues with your batteries at all, they just have to be charged.

On the other hand, if you frequently drive your Ferrari and experience battery issues, let a mechanic run a diagnostic to check for any problems.

Electrical System Malfunction

A corroded battery, blown fuse, or other factors can cause your Ferrari’s electrical system to malfunction. These signs indicate that your electrical system is starting to wear out: illuminated check engine light, dimming panel lights, and faulty radio system.

Brake Malfunction

Certain Ferrari models have been recalled because of brake malfunctions. Because of software issues, you may not receive notifications when your brake discs have worn out. Some signs which mean your brakes need servicing are vibrations and noises when using the brakes. Make sure you get them checked and repaired to prevent any accidents.

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