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does changing your ferraris spark plug make a difference

Does Changing Your Ferrari’s Spark Plug Make A Difference?

Spark plugs are a crucial part of your Ferrari, therefore taking good care of them is important for a car owner. They are the source of power in your car engine, and this happens through a mixture of air and fuel in the cylinders. However, these plugs can become inefficient over time as a result of long-term usage. 

This explains why it’s important to change the Ferrari spark plug as your mileage increases. Once the spark plugs become less efficient, the performance of the engine drops and ultimately damages the engine. Following are some things to know about changing spark plugs in your Ferrari: 

Signs You Need to Change Spark Plugs 

  • Trouble With Ignition 

If you have trouble starting your car easily like you used to or you noticed the performance is irregular. Then the spark plugs are developing faults already. 

  • Bad Performance

Your spark plugs are meant to function fully whether you are accelerating or changing gears. If you notice your plugs are not delivering at 100 percent, then it’s a sign they are packed with dirt and need changing.

  • Fuel Waste 

Although, wastage of fuel can be a result of many abnormalities in your car. However, when your spark plugs develop a fault, fuel begins to waste unnecessarily. This is because it becomes harder to create a spark properly. 

Benefits of Changing Spark Plug

  • Improved Combustion System 

Your combustion system will also work effectively when the spark plugs function very well. Once you replace your plugs with better ones, there won’t be any issues with the combustion system. 

  • Save Fuel 

According to the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, misfiring spark plugs can lead to poor fuel economy. Therefore, having new spark plugs in your Ferrari will help save some fuel. 

  • Smooth Ignition 

You can say goodbye to jerky and disjointed operation in your car with new spark plugs. You would realize this if you had a problem with getting your car started immediately while using your old spark plugs. 

  • Reduced Emissions 

Misfiring spark plugs will lead to poor fuel economy and also harmful emissions. The emission is a result of the ineffectiveness of the combustion system. And this is usually caused by faulty spark plugs. 

  • Improved Acceleration

A new Ferrari 150180 spark plug will also have a significant impact on the car’s horsepower. Spark plugs indirectly affect the horsepower of your car. Once they are running properly, the combustion system will function well and ensure your car has a faster engine response. 

When Can You Change a Spark Plug?

The spark plugs should be changed once you cross 30,000 mileage. While various experts suggest replacing the spark plugs at 100,000 mileage, it is important you inspect plugs every 30,000 miles.

This will allow you to know about the performance of the plug, and check for indications to help you know whether it’s stone for a replacement 


While changing your spark plugs, what is more important is buying high-quality parts. You can check out stores like AW Italian Auto Parts to access quality automobile products. 

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