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how to replace a crank tdc sensor for your ferrari

How To Replace A Crank TDC Sensor For Your Ferrari

A crankshaft angle sensor is used to detect the rotation of the crankshaft while the engine is running. It is also responsible for enabling the ignition and fuel injection system through the main PCM computer. A faulty crankshaft angle sensor is caused by excessive engine vibration. Constant generation of electromagnetic energy and heat being produced can cause internal windings to become brittle and break, causing the engine to stall. If you are looking to replace a Ferrari Crank TDC sensor, here are the steps to get yourself started.

Disconnect the Battery

Before you start working with the inner workings of the engine, it is important to disconnect the battery to prevent a short circuit in the car’s electrical system. If you have a hybrid vehicle, check your owner’s manual for instructions on how to remove the disarm plug from the main battery pack.

Remove Crank Sensor 

The crank sensor must be removed to gain access to the sensor. It is located behind the starter motor. When working under the car, use a shop light to better located the crank sensor.

Start Inspecting the Sensor Location

The crowded transmission cooling lines under the car make the sensor a little tough to see. Remember that it is on the side of the block with the electrical connector attached. If you notice that the crankshaft angle sensor is oily, it is advisable to remove the oil with a small amount of carburetor.

Release the Electrical Connector

Look for the plastic clip that attaches the electrical connector and sensor together, which you must pull outward or push down to release. Once done, shake the connector loose from the sensor. If the pigtail is rusty, clean it or replace it if needed. A rusty pigtail alone will cause the engine to stall.

Remove the Sensor Mount Bolt

Use a small socket or wrench to remove the bolt by turning it counterclockwise. Most of the time, these crankshaft sensors will only have one mount bolt which will typically be 10 millimeters.

Remove the Crank Sensor 

The crank sensor has a long stem and is wedged in the block making it difficult to remove. Use a screwdriver or a small pick to pry the sensor mounting tab loose. Make sure that you do not apply too much pressure as these sensors can break easily, leaving a part of the sensor inside the block. Once loose, use a twisting motion to pull it from the engine block.

Match the New Crankshaft Sensor 

Wipe off any oil on the old sensor so you can see the design on the new sensor. A common difference between the old and new sensors is the length of the sensor stem.

Install the New Crank Sensor and Reconnect the Battery

Again, remember to clean the position sensor port hole of any oil. Use a spray cleaner to aid the cleaning process. Squarely position the new crank sensor into the port hole and push it gently once it is aligned to the threaded bolt hole in the block. Now, reconnect the negative battery cable and you are all set.

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