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what causes a maserati thermostat to leak

What Causes A Maserati Thermostat To Leak

The thermostat prevents overheating by ensuring the coolant flows throughout the engine. The thermostat in your Maserati helps your car operate at a reasonable temperature by regulating the coolant levels in the engine. 

However, Maserati parts like thermostats wear out with time and develop issues. It can crack, and start leaking over time. These are some of the things that can cause your Maserati thermostat to leak: 

Regular Topping 

Once you start noticing that you have to regularly refill the coolant, take it as a sign that your thermostat is leaking. The leak might not be visible and is also hard to find as a car owner. Therefore, to save yourself the stress of identifying the source of the leak, take your Maserati in for scheduled servicing. 

Interior and Exterior Leaks 

There are times when coolant leaking might not occur at the interior but at the exterior. In this situation, the leak might be caused by the radiator or heater hoses. However, if the leak occurs towards the Maserati’s front, then the radiator is responsible for the leak. With use, the rusting can create holes in the radiator for the coolant to start leaking. 

Faulty Sensors

Faulty sensors in the cooling system will cause the Maserati thermostat to open and close unnecessarily. This can eventually lead to a sudden increase or drop in temperature. Aside from affecting the thermostat, other systems in your Maserati will also be affected. 

Change in Oil Color 

When your oil changes color to appear like chocolate milk. This is an indication that your coolant is leaking and some of the white traces in the oil is the coolant. This leakage can happen through the piston rings or there is a problem with your head gasket. Irrespective of the reason, you need to urgently service your car to prevent further damage. 

Damaged Thermostat Housing 

The thermostat housing is an important component of your thermostat. It is always made from a strong material, however, it is not indestructible. So, it can crack or damage over time with continuous use. Also, since the housing is exposed to high temperatures expect them to wear out anytime. 

In addition, the housing can be damaged during the installation or replacement process. If the mechanic applies torque to the bolts excessively, they can become damaged. This will result in the leaking of coolant and other problems in your car. 

High Temperatures 

As mentioned earlier, the thermostat housing circulates coolant and thus is exposed to high temperatures. Although it was made to withstand high temperatures, consistent overheating of the engine will affect the housing. The housing becomes faulty and starts leaking coolant. 

Can I Drive with a Faulty Thermostat?

This might not be a problem that needs urgent attention as you can still drive while the thermostat is damaged. However, it is recommended you don’t joke about this issue. If ignored for a long time, it can result in a disaster you are not prepared for. Plus, it can cause further damage to the engine of your car. 

So, once you notice this issue the best thing to do is replace the damaged parts to prevent future catastrophic damage to your internal engine. 

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