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12 best maserati granturismo accessories youll love

12 Best Maserati Granturismo Accessories You’ll Love

Let us look at the specialized  accessories that make it special.

Maserati Genuine Tires

Maserati Genuine Tires offer racing expertise to the street. The “MGT” (Maserati Genuine Tires) label guarantees maximum control and precision. Summer and Winter tires are tailored to the weather and provide optimal performance on dry and wet roads.

Wheel Rim

Each Maserati and driver combo has its individuality, whether you prefer the wide road or the excitement of city streets. Wheel rims add a highly personal touch to an automobile, giving it a feeling of flair that fits its owner. The Maserati collection of aggressive, exquisite wheel rims affirms the vehicle’s speed, power, and flair in many ways. Making that unique selection for your Maserati is a part of your experience as a Maserati owner.

Wheels In Complete

Maserati Complete Wheels come in a combination of the wheel rims and Maserati Genuine Tires. These are pre-balanced and ready to be installed on the vehicle to personalize your visual appeal and performance effortlessly. Wheel center caps and tire pressure sensors are standard on all models.

Kit for Security Stud Bolt

The Security Stud Bolt Kit guards against theft of your prized Maserati wheel rims. The chrome-plated bolts, barely noticeable when installed, are an exquisite piece of design. Each is designed to correspond with the unique wrench included in the package and cannot be replaced with any other tool. The package comes with a wrench and four security bolts, one for each wheel rim.

Valve Covers

The Maserati Trident is a quality mark, and no detail is too little to improve on a car designed for perfection. The Trident is imprinted on the cap of the Branded Valve Covers, which are composed of lightweight, rustproof material.

Carbon Centre Wheel Cap

Complete the set of carbon fiber exterior components with the new Carbon Centre Wheel Cap for the ultimate racing appearance.

The sleek black carbon fiber wheel rims, which feature the famous Trident logo, add an added feeling of race-ready fury. The Maserati R&D and Quality Departments have evaluated and approved the Carbon Centre Wheel Cap.

Pedal Covers

The Pedal Covers are much more than a remarkable visual feature; the Maserati Technical Team designed them for strong driving. The Aluminum Sport Pedal Covers are stamped with the Trident logo, while the MC Sport Pedal Covers have a distinctive design with the MC emblem in red. The engravings on each brushed aluminum pedal ensure a firm grip.

Retrofit Kit For Exterior Carbon Package

The Retrofit Kit For Exterior Carbon Package lets you add these unmistakable racing touches to the GranTurismo car that was not initially designed with carbon fiber decoration.

Several carbon fiber sport customizations are included in the kit:

  • Mirror covers
  • Side skirts 
  • Door handles 
  • Aerodynamic Fins
  • Rear Spoiler

Doorsill Plates Made of Carbon

The most recent Carbon Doorsill Plate option features a fresh style. Instead of the MC logo, you may show the Maserati Trident surrounded by graphic lines resembling your vehicle’s characteristic side vents.

Paint Stylus for Touch-Up 

The Touch-up Paint Stylus employs the identical paint formulation of your Maserati’s original exterior paintwork for a flawless match of color, tone, and luster. Small scrapes, stone chips, and scratches may be removed in a few easy steps.

Loading Edge Protection Mat

This mat, which almost reaches the ground, protects the border of the baggage compartment and the back bumper when loading or unloading. It shields the bodywork from the unavoidable knocks and scrapes that come with hauling heavy luggage. The material is durable, non-flammable, and completely water-repellent.


The Maserati umbrella is sturdy and sporty and speaks of engineering excellence. A two-fold design with black-on-black pigment motifs that mimic the car’s outer shell and a Maserati Trident laminated with chrome on the handle.

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