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4 mistakes to avoid when installing a fuel pump in your ferrari 430

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A Fuel Pump In Your Ferrari 430

It is not easy to replace a fuel pump. To eliminate comebacks in the future, it is important to install it the right way the first time. If the fuel pump is installed incorrectly, it would not supply enough fuel to the engine, or either not work at all. Your engine will lose power and fuel efficiency if the fuel pump is not working to its expectations. The most common issues that come up after an incorrect fuel pump installation are the engine failing to start up or a rough engine running. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when installing a Ferrari fuel pump.

Incorrect Fuel Gasket Size

It is advisable to put a new gasket on the fuel tank when you install the fuel pump. Make sure to use the correct size and avoid universal-sized gaskets at all costs. Air can get into the tank if you are using the wrong gasket size. This can cause emission system code, requiring an expensive fix.

Wrongly Wiring the Fuel Pump

Wiring the fuel pump is easy. Simply plug the fuel pump connector into the old vehicle side connector. However, some people will find that their vehicle side connector is damaged, worn, or corroded. This can cause two problems :

  • An old connector can lead to a poor or intermittent connection. A poor connection has a lower amount of voltage due to the increase in resistance. An intermittent connection can result in stumbling during a jarred connection. These factors will cause the pump to turn even more slowly than it should, therefore shortening its life.
  • Replacing the vehicle side connector sometimes causes another problem. It is easy to wrongly wire a new connector when all the wires are brown. It is a good idea to take a picture of the connector or even clean it before cutting it off.

Debris Entering the Fuel Tank When Removing It

It is not uncommon to see debris and dirt accumulate outside of the fuel tank. When you remove the fuel tank, debris and dirt can easily fall into the fuel tank and contaminate the fuel. Contaminated fuel will cause the strainer at the bottom of the fuel pump to clog up faster, causing a premature fuel pump failure. This is very easy to prevent. Just make sure that you clean the debris off the fuel tank thoroughly. 

If it is your first time installing a fuel pump, it is important to avoid these common mistakes mentioned above as issues might arise after an incorrect installation. If unaddressed, you may even have to take a trip to the auto mechanic repair store to get your car fixed. Our fuel pump is highly compatible with the Ferrari 360 model, so you should also check out our Ferrari 360 parts if replacements become necessary. Contact us if you are experiencing difficulties replacing your fuel pump.

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