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5 symptoms of a failing maserati ignition coil

5 Symptoms Of A Failing Maserati Ignition Coil

Are you experiencing difficulty with starting your Maserati? This might be due to a failing ignition coil, which is an essential component in your Maserati. A failing Maserati ignition coil leads to many issues with your Maserati, such as engine misfiring and backfiring. 

How do Ignition Coils Work?

Ignition coils are connected to your Maserati’s spark plug. The ignition coil takes in a 12-volt current from your Maserati’s car batteries and converts it into a much higher voltage of around 15,000 to 20,000 volts, allowing your spark plug to create a spark to ignite the fuel and kickstart the engine. When you have a weak ignition coil, your Maserati will suffer from issues such as engine misfires or weak fuel consumption. Continue reading to find out some common symptoms of a failing Maserati ignition coil.

Poor Fuel Economy  

Does your Maserati suffer from poor fuel economy? If your Maserati is clocking less mileage compared to before, it might be due to a failing ignition coil. 

Engine Hard Starting

Is it hard to start your Maserati? If your Maserati is dying right after it starts, it’s likely due to a failing ignition coil. This means the engine of your car is cranking, but there are no sparks inside the cylinders. 


If your Maserati is stalling frequently, it might be due to a faulty ignition coil. A faulty ignition coil sends irregular sparks to the spark plug. In bad cases, your Maserati might shut down entirely when brought to a stop. This can result in a lot of stress as you struggle to restart your Maserati on the road.  


Backfiring is a very common symptom of a failing ignition coil. This happens when unused fuel in the combustion cylinders of your Maserati engine exits through the exhaust pipe. This leads to black smoke which often smells strongly of gasoline. The symptom of backfiring can be caught early on and should be fixed immediately before things worsen. 


When your Maserati suffers from a failing ignition coil, engine misfiring will occur. You’ll hear a sputtering noise from the engine of your Maserati when you’re trying to start it. You’ll also notice vibrations when your Maserati is idling at a red light or a stop sign. In addition, you might also notice jerking when you’re driving your Maserati at high speeds. 

Related Issues

Another common problem related to a failing ignition coil is a problem with the car battery. An abnormally high or low voltage battery in your car battery can result in the symptoms shared above as well. Car batteries can cause issues as they break down with age. However, this is an easy fix as you simply need to upgrade to a new battery. 

If you notice any of the symptoms of a failing ignition coil, it’s time to get your ignition coil replaced. You can change it yourself or have it professionally done at an automotive repair shop or a dealership. By fixing the ignition coil of your Maserati, you’ll have a much more pleasant driving experience. 

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