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Are Your Ferrari Enzo Tail Lights Not Working But Brake Lights Are?

Over time, your Ferrari Enzo will probably experience electrical issues. While most of these issues are as simple as burned bulbs and blown fuses, they sometimes become more complicated. You might notice that your Ferrari Enzo tail lights are not working but the brake lights are. Here are some of the most likely causes for this scenario.

Faulty or Incorrect Bulbs

Dual filament bulbs are usually used for brake lights and it’s likely that one of the filaments has broken. When this happens, only one side of the bulb will work, which means the brake light will function instead of the tail light. Also, most manufacturers use separate bulbs for brake lights and tail lights. You need to replace the bulb of the tail light if it is faulty.

If you’ve just switched the bulbs and the problem occurs, chances are you’ve used the incorrect ones. Some drivers think that any bulb will work as long as they fit. That’s wrong. Take a look at the part number of the old bulbs and see if it matches your replacement bulbs. Not to worry if you’ve already disposed of your old bulbs, you can still refer to the owner’s manual or look it up on the Internet.

Wiring Problems

Excessive corrosion, broken wires, and crossed lines are all common problems, particularly in older vehicles. Wiring problems are another reason why your tail lights aren’t working but your brake lights are. However, they are often hard to troubleshoot and you’d need a mechanic to find out what’s the real issue.

A Blown Fuse

Although you may have a few burned-out bulbs, it’s much more likely that your Ferrari has a blown tail light fuse. It’s easy to conduct a check. Find out where the fuse box is and check the fuse using a multimeter or test light.

If you don’t have any of these tools, just remove the fuse and check it. Still unable to determine if it’s burnt out? Switch it with another fuse of a similar amperage and if the problem is fixed, then you know a blown fuse was the culprit.

Remember to use the correct amp fuse when you’re replacing the old one. You may be tempted to increase the amperage to make sure it doesn’t burn out. But too much amperage can cause worse problems if the fuse cannot protect the system properly.

Damaged/Corroded Plugs or Sockets

Are your tail lights sealed properly? Otherwise, everything that’s inside is exposed to elements. This can cause various problems, one of them being corroded sockets. Due to exposure, the sockets can become rusty or damaged. It’s possible to use a WD-40 and wire brush to clean the socket but if the socket is badly damaged, you should get it replaced instead.

Faulty Control Switch

A faulty control switch is one of the most common factors that causes your Ferrari Enzo tail lamp to stop functioning. The control switch in your Ferrari’s cab tells your taillights when to turn on, and if it isn’t working properly, your taillights will never turn on! The front parking lights will probably go off as well.

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