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rear main seal leak on a ferrari symptoms and causes

Rear Main Seal Leak On A Ferrari: Symptoms & Causes

Have you ever noticed puddles under your vehicle? That is one of the most common symptoms of a rear main seal leak. The rear main seal is a crucial part of a vehicle that you do not expect to leak unless you are dropping your engine or transmission. A rupture inside the engine is a primary cause of a Ferrari rear main seal leak. A real main seal replacement is expensive and one of the most-dreaded repair jobs to do on your vehicle. In this article, we will address the signs of a rear main seal leak, and its most common symptoms.

rear main seal leak on a ferrari symptoms and causes 1
rear main seal leak on a ferrari symptoms and causes 1

Most Common Symptoms of Rear Main Seal Leaks

  • Oil Puddles

Oil puddles are the most common sign of real main seal leaks. They can be seen either while driving, or when it is parked for a long time. It can also leak from other parts of an engine. Take note that it is advisable to diagnose the location of the oil leak before concluding it is the rear main seal.

  • Accumulation of Debris and Dirt

Accumulation of dirt and debris is an early indicator of a leaking component within the car. Oil leaks act as adhesive, and dirt and debris from the road stick to places covered with oil. If you notice an accumulation of dirt and debris between the engine and transmission, it is a good indicator of a leaking rear crankshaft seal. 

  • Smoke is Seen Under the Vehicle

Smoke under the car is usually caused by an oil leak dripping on the car exhaust. It is important to differentiate smoke from the tailpipe and smoke from under the car. Smoke from the tailpipe indicated excess burning of oil and not a rear main seal leak.

Common Causes of Rear Main Seal Leaks

  • Worn Main Bearing 

A worn main bearing causes the crankshaft to dangle inside the bearing. This will lead to the moving and stretching of the rear crank seal while the engine is running. If this is noticed, send your car to a repair shop to replace the faulty parts in your car.

  • Clogged PCV system

A defective PCV system will push out the seal due to the increase in crankcase pressure. Too much pressure from the crankcase will result in a swelling crankshaft resulting in an oil leak. 

  • Issues with Misalignment

A damaged flex plate or issues with the input shaft of the transmission can cause stress in the rear crankshaft seal. Make sure regularly check the flex plate for any signs of damage. Check the input shaft if you own a manual transmission vehicle.

The rear main seal is one of the most critical parts of a car. It is designed to keep the oil in its place and would need replacement if it shrinks or deteriorates. Always check for symptoms regularly to resolve the issue early to avoid an expensive rear main seal replacement. Replacing a rear main seal is a complicated task. Thus, act fast as soon as you notice a leak in your car!

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